Ultra-Fast Data Recovery Services

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We are a company that specializes in one very interesting part of technology and that is the recovery of lost or deleted data from USB and Hard Drives. Recovering lost or deleted data can be very complicated, but we have the best software and the best employees that are dedicated to recovering your data.

We Can Recover Data From

Hard Disk Drives

The most commonly used type of storage.

SD Memory Cards

Are used in almost every mobile phone and camera.

Solid State Drives

Are considered to be the fastest Drives.

Portable Hard Disks

Are suitable for transportation and are designed small.

RAID Storage Servers

That companies and businesses usually use for storing data

USB Flash Drives

Provide the easiest transportation of your data.

Our Services

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Server Data Recovery Service

Large servers usually are used by large companies to store their data and all their information’s. We offer data recovery for those larger servers that for some reason miss functioned and lost some precious data.

Hard Drive and USB recovery Service

We have mentioned these two before, but we must not forget about them because they are the two most commonly used storage types. Our team specializes in hard drive and USB recovery

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On-Site Data Recovery Service

In some cases when our clients don’t have time to wait to ship their drives, we are providing them with a team of specialists that will come to your location and recover the lost data from there.

Remote Data Recovery Service

If you need immediately the data that you have somehow lost, we suggest that you take our Remote recovery service. That is the fastest way we can recover all of your lost or deleted data.

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eric collins

“I must say that the service they provided was great, they have successfully recovered all the lost data from my hard drive and they finished it in much less time than I expected them to finish. They have proved me why they are the best company in the data recovery business. “

Eric Collins

“They were extremally fast and reliable just as they promote themselves. everything went smooth, they really did a professional job of recovering all the lost data from my Solid-State Drive. At first, I thought it was impossible to recover data from an SSD, but they told me they can so I trusted them.”

Peter Evans

peter evans
harold parker

“I have experienced a lighting incident in my apartment a few weeks ago. I was on my computer and of course, everything went black. I was scared for a second because on that computer I had some very sensitive information that I needed for my job. Fortunately, they successfully recovered all.”

Harold Parker

How Our Services Work

In 3 Simple Steps

1. Step

When you contact us, first we need information on what type of drive you have problems with, then you need to describe to us what you have lost to give us something to recover.

2. Step

After you have described the source of the problem, the next step is sending the device to us. That way we can start the recovery process.

3. Step

When we have finished recovering the lost data from your device, the next step is for us to send it back to your home or the given location.

Most common Question and Answers

How long does it take you to recover my lost data?

We don’t know exactly the required time because every device and client have different issues. We can only promise you that our team is working the fastest they can to finish the recovery of your lost data. You will get notices beforehand how much will you need to wait approximately. 

If my Hard drive gets in contact with water, is it possible for you to recover the data?

Hard drives are not designed to be in contact with water, and when they get wet usually it doesn’t end well. However, in some cases depending on how long was it exposed to water can mean a lot because there could still hope to recover that data.

Do you guarantee the confidentiality of my information?

Yes, of course, we take our clients and their information very seriously. We know that the data you gave us could contain very sensitive information, therefore we are guaranteeing you that the data you give us will not get leaked anywhere. Your data is safe in our hands.

Is it possible for you to recover data even after the hard drive was formatted?

A lot of people have this problem, usually this is the main cause of ever data loss. Someone accidentally formats the drive and the data gets lost. However, you should not panic because our powerful software can recover data if it wasn’t overwritten.

Our Data Recovery Partners in Brisbane

Our data recovery company works together with Computer Fixperts which are located in Brisbane. They offer not only IT support and computer repairs, but also specialise in data recovery. They can recover your lost data from hard drives, portable or external hard drives, USB flash drives, servers and more!. Whether it be PC or Mac, the simplest or most advanced data recoveries, they can help.

City of Brisbane

Our Blog

Smart Reasons why to Choose Data Recovery Professionals

People usually always take the easier and simpler route when it comes to data recovery. However, when it comes to money some people rather go with the less expensive one. Unfortunately, this is also true for hard drive data recovery, people don’t want to pay professionals to recover their lost or deleted data. They would rather try and fix the hard drive problem themselves. People try to recover data with no previous experiences with data loss, that is the worst situation because then the majority of problems tend to happen.

Disadvantages of DIY Data Recovery

Nowadays the loss of data and sensitive information is not a big deal because we have companies that are specializing in data recovery. If you use some kind of a device, there is a chance that you will experience some data loss at some point in your life. Data loss can happen with any device that has some kind of storage such as a personal computer, laptop, server, USB or even Cloud. There are many companies that are well qualified to recover your lost data from your device. Therefore, you would think there is no problem then, however, the problem is created when people don’t want to pay for a company to recover their data and instead they want to try out themselves.

What to Do with Water Damaged Hard Drive

As you might have realized by now that not a single piece of technology is water or any liquid friendly. The situation with Hard drives is the same, if it gets in contact with water, you can expect some serious damage. For a hard disk from your personal computer to get wet, you will have to be very unlucky because it is hidden inside. However, accidents can and will happen, water will somehow leak inside your computer and damage the hard disk. It is never good to have a hard disk that was in contact with water, but there are some things you can do that will help minimize the damage of water.

Symptoms of Hard Drive Failure

There is nothing bad having your precious data or sensitive information stored on a hard drive. However, there is a risk that you are taking when you don’t make a backup or a copy of that information somewhere else. Hard drives are known to show signs of failure long before they actually do fail. Here are some of the signs that you should look for and be alarmed if you see one happening on your hard drive.

Tips for Buying a New Hard Drive

Buying a new hard drive can be a complicated process because there are so many options you can choose from. Especially if you don’t know anything about modern hard drives, the information they give to you will mean nothing because you will not understand anything. Hard drives can vary from their type, size, price and even manufacturer. If the person doesn’t know what he is looking for it can be very hard for him to decide which on is the best that will fit his requirements. Here is some important information for all the people that want to find out a little more about the modern Hard drives.