Smart Reasons why to Choose Data Recovery Professionals

Smart Reasons why to Choose Data Recovery Professionals

People usually always take the easier and simpler route when it comes to data recovery. However, when it comes to money some people rather go with the less expensive one. Unfortunately, this is also true for hard drive data recovery, people don’t want to pay professionals to recover their lost or deleted data. They would rather try and fix the hard drive problem themselves. People try to recover data with no previous experiences with data loss, that is the worst situation because then the majority of problems tend to happen.

Post2aWhy are Professionals Worth

There are several good reasons why is worth to pay a professional company some money to successfully recover your lost or deleted data. One of them is that most likely they will succeed, unlike you would because they have people that have dedicated their whole life to recovering data. That kind of experience can be extremally helpful especially when it comes to lost data recovery.
They have a carefully worked out process of recovering lost data, first, they identify the problem and the cause of it.Post2b After that, they begin to extract the lost data that is buried deep inside the drive. If you haven’t tried yourself to recover the data, there are very high chances that they will succeed in recovering it. That is because for lost data to be recovered, it is best if nothing is changed on the drive. Changes can cause the data being overwritten with some other files. Once the data is overwritten, not even professionals can help you get your lost data back.

Disadvantages of DIY Data Recovery

Disadvantages of DIY Data Recovery

Nowadays the loss of data and sensitive information is not a big deal because we have companies that are specializing in data recovery. If you use some kind of a device, there is a chance that you will experience some data loss at some point in your life. Data loss can happen with any device that has some kind of storage such as a personal computer, laptop, server, USB or even Cloud. There are many companies that are well qualified to recover your lost data from your device. Therefore, you would think there is no problem then, however, the problem is created when people don’t want to pay for a company to recover their data and instead they want to try out themselves.

If you don’t know what are you doing, we highly suggest that you don’t touch anything, because you might even worsen the situation. People that are trying to attempt data recovery on their own usually never do the same mistake because in most cases never succeed in recovering the lost data. Furthermore, they sometimes even worsen the situation by overwriting the lost data.

Post1aExperience and Software

In order to successfully recover lost data from your hard drive, you need a specially designed software that will do the job of finding the lost data. You can find various types of software that guarantee your data recovery, however, usually, none of them work because they are not powerful enough. That’s why your best option is to seek professional data recovery help.

What to Do with Water Damaged Hard Drive

What to Do with Water Damaged Hard Drive

As you might have realized by now that not a single piece of technology is water or any liquid friendly. The situation with Hard drives is the same, if it gets in contact with water, you can expect some serious damage. For a hard disk from your personal computer to get wet, you will have to be very unlucky because it is hidden inside. However, accidents can and will happen, water will somehow leak inside your computer and damage the hard disk. It is never good to have a hard disk that was in contact with water, but there are some things you can do that will help minimize the damage of water. If you don’t know any of the things you need to do, then we highly suggest that you continue reading this article and prepare yourself for this situation.

Act Immediately!

Post3aWhen your hard drives get in direct contact with water, or for that matter any other liquid, it is crucial to act immediately and not let the water damage the hard disk even further. In this situation, you have to immediately remove the hard drive from the power supply. If you are dealing with a laptop that has an internal Hard drive, the thing you must do is unplug the AC adapter from the wall, and of course, turn off the laptop. To quickly turn off your laptop, you need to press and hold the power button, that way it will shut down immediately.

Post3bWhen water enters a hard drive that doesn’t mean it will destroy it, however, it certainly can damage it. if you act so quickly and remove the power supply from the hard drive or just cut the power before the water causes a shortage, you will be in luck.  That is because in those situations hard drives usually don’t need fixing, only a professional cleaning and drying. Remember before turning it back on, it MUST be completely dry, otherwise, you are risking the loss of data. This method can be used for any type of drive, even external hard drive or USBs. When they get in contact with water, immediately remove the power from them you will be saving the precious data from them.

Leave it Wet

Post3cThis may sound very strange to you, but you have to trust us. You should never attempt to completely dry out the hard drive by yourself after it was flooded with water. The problem with dying out the hard drives is that people usually used hair dryers or even ovens to do that. If you dry out yourself using these methods you will risk the data because in water or any other liquids there are minerals that are left behind after the liquid evaporates. Those minerals can, later on, cause some problems. The second problem that can occur is that some of the inner hardware parts will get damaged by the intense heat you are putting out. The best thing to do is go to a professional restoration expert and he will completely dry and clean your hard drive.

Symptoms of Hard Drive Failure

Symptoms of Hard Drive Failure

There is nothing bad having your precious data or sensitive information stored on a hard drive. However, there is a risk that you are taking when you don’t make a backup or a copy of that information somewhere else. Hard drives are known to show signs of failure long before they actually do fail. Here are some of the signs that you should look for and be alarmed if you see one happening on your hard drive.

Weird Noises

Post4aTechnology is changing very fast and so does hard drives. Nowadays there are some hard drives that don’t have so much individual moving parts, however, an older hard drive is consisting of a large number of individual parts. As time passes by, those parts will start to degrade, some of them will get looser or stop functioning the same way as they did when it was new. These parts that degrade can and will slow down the speed of your hard drive. However, you can easily know if a part of your hard drive is loose because most likely it will be making some kind of weird noise.

Post4bThose noises can be anything from spinning to scratching and clicking. If you identify these noises and you are sure that they are coming from your hard drive, then you should get a professional looked at it. Sometimes you can diagnose the exact problem of the drive if you listen carefully because every noise is an indicator of a different issue.

Lagging and The Notorious Blue Screen

These are also some clear indicators that your hard drive is failing. By lagging we mean that you will experience a much slower performance of your computer than usual. We called the Blue Screen notorious because everyone freaks out when this happens to them. However, it is nothing extremally serious, it is just a way your computer is telling you that something is most likely wrong. If you experience some of these abnormalities, take an action. We suggest that you make a backup or have a copy of all the important data that you have on some other hard drive.

Data Corruption

Post4cIt is very simple to recognize a data corruption on your hard drive. That is because when you try to open some file from your computer, you will get a notification from the computer that the file you were trying to open is corrupted. That means that the file cannot be opened for some unknown reason, this is a clear sign of a hard drive that is damaged. This issue cannot be fixed easily such as the weird noises for example. That is because not even professionals cannot find out the source of the problem. In this situation, everyone will suggest you make a backup of your system in order to save your files of possible hard drive failure. If you happen to lose some files, you should consider visiting a data recovery expert who will help you recover the lost data from your hard drive.

Tips for Buying a New Hard Drive

Tips for Buying a New Hard Drive

Buying a new hard drive can be a complicated process because there are so many options you can choose from. Especially if you don’t know anything about modern hard drives, the information they give to you will mean nothing because you will not understand anything. Hard drives can vary from their type, size, price and even manufacturer. If the person doesn’t know what he is looking for it can be very hard for him to decide which on is the best that will fit his requirements. Here is some important information for all the people that want to find out a little more about the modern Hard drives.


Post5aNowadays when you are purchasing a new hard drive the first question you will get asked is do you prefer an HDD or an SSD?  For the people that don’t know what are HDD and SSD, we will try to explain. An HDD is the regular “old” hard drive that you have most likely used all your life. SSD is a new generation of hard drives that are much faster than those regular ones. The difference between them is that the HDD has a physical disc inside of it that is spinning, and the SSD is relying on a so-called Flash memory.Post5e

Both of these drives have the same purpose and that is to work as a storage for your data. The only differences are in their size, speed, efficiency and lifespan. So, the question is which one is better, well the SSD is the answer to that question because they are much faster, drawing less power and they are running cooler that the regular HDD. The regular HDD are more likely to fail and their speed is not comparable to the SSD. However, the SSD drives have a lot less storage space than some HDD and they are much more expensive than the HDD.

Internal vs External

Post5bThis question will be the next that you need to have an answer for because there is a difference between these two. How to decide which one is the best for you is quite simple. All you need to do is decide whether or not are you going to use the hard drive on other devices. If you plan to transfer data from one place to another with that hard drive you should definitely buy the external hard drive. This type will allow you an easy and simple way to connect to any other computer and transfer Post5ddata to it fast. These are made to be compact to fit your pocket.

However, if you won’t use the hard drive to transfer data from one computer to another, then you need to buy the internal one. This type will provide you with a fast working speed and it will be used to store thing such as the operating system of your computer.

Post5cSize of Storage

Before you even head out to buy a new hard drive, you should already know how much storage you need. This information will help you eliminate some of the potential hard drives.