Symptoms of Hard Drive Failure

Symptoms of Hard Drive Failure

There is nothing bad having your precious data or sensitive information stored on a hard drive. However, there is a risk that you are taking when you don’t make a backup or a copy of that information somewhere else. Hard drives are known to show signs of failure long before they actually do fail. Here are some of the signs that you should look for and be alarmed if you see one happening on your hard drive.

Weird Noises

Post4aTechnology is changing very fast and so does hard drives. Nowadays there are some hard drives that don’t have so much individual moving parts, however, an older hard drive is consisting of a large number of individual parts. As time passes by, those parts will start to degrade, some of them will get looser or stop functioning the same way as they did when it was new. These parts that degrade can and will slow down the speed of your hard drive. However, you can easily know if a part of your hard drive is loose because most likely it will be making some kind of weird noise.

Post4bThose noises can be anything from spinning to scratching and clicking. If you identify these noises and you are sure that they are coming from your hard drive, then you should get a professional looked at it. Sometimes you can diagnose the exact problem of the drive if you listen carefully because every noise is an indicator of a different issue.

Lagging and The Notorious Blue Screen

These are also some clear indicators that your hard drive is failing. By lagging we mean that you will experience a much slower performance of your computer than usual. We called the Blue Screen notorious because everyone freaks out when this happens to them. However, it is nothing extremally serious, it is just a way your computer is telling you that something is most likely wrong. If you experience some of these abnormalities, take an action. We suggest that you make a backup or have a copy of all the important data that you have on some other hard drive.

Data Corruption

Post4cIt is very simple to recognize a data corruption on your hard drive. That is because when you try to open some file from your computer, you will get a notification from the computer that the file you were trying to open is corrupted. That means that the file cannot be opened for some unknown reason, this is a clear sign of a hard drive that is damaged. This issue cannot be fixed easily such as the weird noises for example. That is because not even professionals cannot find out the source of the problem. In this situation, everyone will suggest you make a backup of your system in order to save your files of possible hard drive failure. If you happen to lose some files, you should consider visiting a data recovery expert who will help you recover the lost data from your hard drive.