What to Do with Water Damaged Hard Drive

What to Do with Water Damaged Hard Drive

As you might have realized by now that not a single piece of technology is water or any liquid friendly. The situation with Hard drives is the same, if it gets in contact with water, you can expect some serious damage. For a hard disk from your personal computer to get wet, you will have to be very unlucky because it is hidden inside. However, accidents can and will happen, water will somehow leak inside your computer and damage the hard disk. It is never good to have a hard disk that was in contact with water, but there are some things you can do that will help minimize the damage of water. If you don’t know any of the things you need to do, then we highly suggest that you continue reading this article and prepare yourself for this situation.

Act Immediately!

Post3aWhen your hard drives get in direct contact with water, or for that matter any other liquid, it is crucial to act immediately and not let the water damage the hard disk even further. In this situation, you have to immediately remove the hard drive from the power supply. If you are dealing with a laptop that has an internal Hard drive, the thing you must do is unplug the AC adapter from the wall, and of course, turn off the laptop. To quickly turn off your laptop, you need to press and hold the power button, that way it will shut down immediately.

Post3bWhen water enters a hard drive that doesn’t mean it will destroy it, however, it certainly can damage it. if you act so quickly and remove the power supply from the hard drive or just cut the power before the water causes a shortage, you will be in luck.  That is because in those situations hard drives usually don’t need fixing, only a professional cleaning and drying. Remember before turning it back on, it MUST be completely dry, otherwise, you are risking the loss of data. This method can be used for any type of drive, even external hard drive or USBs. When they get in contact with water, immediately remove the power from them you will be saving the precious data from them.

Leave it Wet

Post3cThis may sound very strange to you, but you have to trust us. You should never attempt to completely dry out the hard drive by yourself after it was flooded with water. The problem with dying out the hard drives is that people usually used hair dryers or even ovens to do that. If you dry out yourself using these methods you will risk the data because in water or any other liquids there are minerals that are left behind after the liquid evaporates. Those minerals can, later on, cause some problems. The second problem that can occur is that some of the inner hardware parts will get damaged by the intense heat you are putting out. The best thing to do is go to a professional restoration expert and he will completely dry and clean your hard drive.