Buying a new hard drive can be a complicated process because there are so many options you can choose from. Especially if you don’t know anything about modern hard drives, the information they give to you will mean nothing because you will not understand anything. Hard drives can vary from their type, size, price and even manufacturer. If the person doesn’t know what he is looking for it can be very hard for him to decide which on is the best that will fit his requirements. Here is some important information for all the people that want to find out a little more about the modern Hard drives.


Post5aNowadays when you are purchasing a new hard drive the first question you will get asked is do you prefer an HDD or an SSD?  For the people that don’t know what are HDD and SSD, we will try to explain. An HDD is the regular “old” hard drive that you have most likely used all your life. SSD is a new generation of hard drives that are much faster than those regular ones. The difference between them is that the HDD has a physical disc inside of it that is spinning, and the SSD is relying on a so-called Flash memory.Post5e

Both of these drives have the same purpose and that is to work as a storage for your data. The only differences are in their size, speed, efficiency and lifespan. So, the question is which one is better, well the SSD is the answer to that question because they are much faster, drawing less power and they are running cooler that the regular HDD. The regular HDD are more likely to fail and their speed is not comparable to the SSD. However, the SSD drives have a lot less storage space than some HDD and they are much more expensive than the HDD.

Internal vs External

Post5bThis question will be the next that you need to have an answer for because there is a difference between these two. How to decide which one is the best for you is quite simple. All you need to do is decide whether or not are you going to use the hard drive on other devices. If you plan to transfer data from one place to another with that hard drive you should definitely buy the external hard drive. This type will allow you an easy and simple way to connect to any other computer and transfer Post5ddata to it fast. These are made to be compact to fit your pocket.

However, if you won’t use the hard drive to transfer data from one computer to another, then you need to buy the internal one. This type will provide you with a fast working speed and it will be used to store thing such as the operating system of your computer.

Post5cSize of Storage

Before you even head out to buy a new hard drive, you should already know how much storage you need. This information will help you eliminate some of the potential hard drives.